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Casino Gambling Etiquette 101 for Novices

A land-based casino is the perfect place to have a good time. What can be more fun than playing cool casino games like the interactive gclub slot while you earn double or even more from your minimal bet? But if you’ve never been to a real casino, then it’s necessary to learn the dos and don’ts to avoid embarrassment or worse getting told off by the security.

You might have experience playing and betting via your mobile device or desktop. But unlike in internet based casinos such as https://www.slotpages.com/, real casinos have code of conduct that you must follow. Before you enter a casino, be sure to know the rules and regulations. Here are guidelines to remember to help make your first casino trip a success.

  • Most casinos accept players 21 years old and above. So, make sure you meet the age requirement and do not fake your ID just to get in. This also means you can’t bring along your kids or any minors.
  • Once inside the casino, you can observe how each casino games are played but avoid taking photos. Most casinos do not allow taking pictures on the casino floor.
  • Dress appropriately. Some casinos have specific dress code. It is wise to check it before you go.
  • No loitering and littering. Do not leave you waste on the gaming tables, on slots machines, seats or anywhere. Look for a trash bin and dispose it properly.
  • Most casinos offer refreshments for free. Just take what you need. Do not ask or get a lot of coffee, juice, ice tea or bottle of water especially when you’re not even playing.
  • Put your mobile phone on silent mode and move away from tables or other players when answering a call to avoid distracting them and the croupiers.
  • In buying chips, never give your cash directly to the dealer. Lay it on the table and wait for the croupier to notice it and change you money into chips.
  • When placing a bet, be aware of the minimum and maximum bet. Do not place a bet without checking the limits of each table. Do not wager a 5$ when the minimum bet is 10$ or do not bet 500$ when the maximum bet allowed is only 100$.
  • Keep your flare-ups to yourself. Do not rant loudly when you get a weak hand or you lose. Casino games are supposed to be entertaining. Venting your rage to the dealer or to other players is a not acceptable. Do not pick a fight with anyone inside the casino.
  • Tippingis a courtesy that should be practiced. It is expected to tip the dealer when you leave the table, unless the casino has a specific no tipping rule. Read more about online live casino here.