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Most Common Slots Myths Uncovered

People usually play slots for fun because compared to table games say poker for instance, which you can play for a living, slots are just low roller games and you can’t really expect to get a fortune from it; unless you hit a gigantic jackpot like the largest won jackpot in the history of slots games amounting to more than $30 million.

Because of the popularity of slot machines and numerous people wanting to win, plenty of myths in the forms of traditional stories and beliefs about slots are continuously spreading. Usually, novice gamblers or those who are naïve fall for it and in some ways it has affected their gaming experience.

The advancement of technology has helped to unveil the mysteries behind the modern computerized machines. The following are some of the most common myths surrounding the slot machine that you ought to know so you won’t make a fool of yourself.

  • Payouts are frequent and bigger on certain daysespecially on weekdays where few people are playing.This is irrelevant. Slots perform the same in any days of the week since it has a computer chip inside that runs the Random Number Generator or RNG, which is continuously cycling even when the machine isn’t played. Besides, reprogramming takes time and a process has to be undergone. Changing the program can’t be done that fast.
  • Some machines are programmed not to give payout at all to protect the casino’s interest. Actually, all slots are set at the factory to give out 80% payoff for land-based casinos and 90% for online casinos. If you have played for hours and rarely won, that is because out comes on gaming machines are random and that’s what gambling devices are made for.
  • Using your casino membership card will lower your payouts. There is no relation between the machine’s program and the card. In fact, every time you use your card, you have more chances of earning since most casinos offered their members special discounts or bonus credits. For example, Royal1688Casino gives their members double points when they play any slot games and a 10% bonus credit for every $200 load.
  • Slot machines close to the entrance or exit are “looser”. There is no such thing as “loose” or “tight” machines. Again, slots program works on RNG, meaning every spin is random, unique and is not dependent on the previous spins. You may have just notice more people winning in that area because it’s jammed with players.