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The Right Time to Usethe Going All In Move in Poker

Playing poker is not merely based on utter luck but it requires skills, focus and the right use of strategies. The most famous poker technique, “going all in” is also the most awaited and at the same time the most dreaded move of poker players. This is done in no limit Hold’em poker wherein there is no limit in the amount you can bet. Depending on your mood, your hand or the situation, you are allowed to bet your entire chips to go “all in”.

Once you’ve moved all in, your opponents are left with just two choices, either to fold or to call. This act changes the game completely. It will determine if you indeed got them all with your great hand or you were just bluffing. If other players fold, then you’ll bag all of their money. However, if they call and your cards are lower, you will lose everything on the table.

Is going all in the best move to win a huge pot? Well, it really depends on a certain situation. One thing for sure, it is not always a good idea. Below are guidelines when be the best time to go all in.

When to go all in

  • You are almost sure you got the best hand based from mathematical analysis and not just on guessing
  • You are confident you’ll get called
  • You know your opponent is one card short of a winning hand and going allinwill stop him getting the hand he needs
  • Your bankroll is low and you’ll move all in just to stay in the game but considering you have the best hand
  • You go all in simply because you can. You can afford the risk and you’re pretty sure you will walk away with loads of chips.

When not to go all in

  • You have a starting great hand and you want to increase the pot towin big but some of your opponents have already folded. Going all in will just scare the rest and will also eventually fold.
  • You have a good hand with lots of potential of improving in every flop but your opponents keep on betting, raising and calling. There’s a high probability they got much better cards than you do.
  • Your bankroll is your entire life, all what you’ve got. If you fail, you’ll end up totally bankrupt. Do not attempt to risk what you can’t afford to lose.

Amateur poker players tend to be aggressive and move all in most of the time that’s why they always end up with depleted bankroll. Learn to play like a pro at golden slot online casino where you can access free poker games. For other exciting casino games, visit all slots online Thai casino, one of the most recommended sites for your gambling pleasure.