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The 10 Most Annoying Things Poker Players do at the Tables

Poker is a long and steady race rather than a quick sprint. So it becomes important for the players to maintain peace and tranquillity. There are certain things that people should not be doing while playing poker like for example, don’t touch your mouth while playing poker. There are certain things which make even the calmest of players lose their cool and drive them crazy. Read on to find some of the most annoying things that poker players generally do at the table!

  1. Teaching and Berating the Fish

Teaching and berating the fish is one of the most irritating things poker players tend to do. Teaching and telling players how to do better in the game and belittling them really hurts them. Craig McCorkell believes no one should criticize any other players while playing, while Ashley Mason thinks it should be everyone’s personal wish as to how they play and no one has the right to interfere. Often the wizards of the game undervalue the recreational players which the latter don’t like.

  1. Abusing the Dealer

Abusing the dealer while playing is next on the list and the most commonly used things. Very often cards are thrown at dealers when the games heat up. Likewise, cocktail waitresses are harassed and insulted which is a very disturbing thing in poker.

  1. Poor Personal Hygiene

Professional poker players just hate poor personal hygiene and are quite naturally very annoyed with the same. Smelly players are too annoying and are a complete turn off. Most players cannot tolerate ill hygiene and messy playmates.

  1. The Tank

Players who spend an enormous time in the tank are irritating to other players. Fake tanking professional are hated by most people.

  1. Talking Bollocks

One thing that ranks high on the most annoyances list is people talking too much or too nonsense. While playing, it disturbs other players when one player is talking bollocks, and they cannot concentrate on the game.

  1. Talking Strategy

Every player has their strategies but it is not necessary to blabber them in public. Moreover, it disgusts others when professionals talk about strategies and tips. One player has even reported he wanted to stick toothpick in the opponent’s eye as he was giving tips about the game. It is a strict no on the table.

  1. Over exuberance

Over exuberance distemper professionals and they sometimes wind up the game as well. Instances of players singing loudly when they are winning or laughing and grinning are too common among poker players.

  1. Angle Shooters

An angle shooter is not liked by anyone and this habit drives people insane. Nicolas Levi also complained of angle shooters but he is most annoyed when others accuse him of it. That is something he dislikes the most.

  1. Hollywood

When poker players put on a show, it distracts the opponents and makes them pull their hair. All poker players are terrible at acting so it adds to the annoyance they face. It is always better to be one’s real self at the table.

  1. The Obvious Chip Stack Question

Everyone has experienced this. This question is almost asked to all the Poker players. The player’s opponent looks at his stacks and asks him how much he has when it is quite obvious and his opponent can guess his stacks.