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What do you mean by poker? How is it played?

Poker is a very famous game which is also known by its other name, card game. Poker has grown recently in the casino market, but it is believed that poker has ancient roots around 1000 years ago. Many things changed in poker played nowadays and at that time. Earlier it was played by a set of 16 cards, but now poker is played with a 52 card set. The only difference poker has made in recent times is its variations and people playing it online.

These days people have no time to go out and play poker, so they have started playing it online and earning money. Poker can be played to earn money, and the cash is exchanged between players when playing on poker 99 as it is the most trusted website for playing games and earning money.


The history of poker is subject to debate as the game has started in French, and the game was almost similar to the game played in Persia named as nas. In the beginning, the game was played with a set of 16 cards, but later the game went popular and moved to 52 decks of cards. Since then, poker has never looked back. The game poker is now played in 100 different variations and different countries and made a special place for itself in both land-based and online casinos.

Poker online

Online poker is played on the internet on poker 99, which is due to increment in poker players all around the globe, and a platform was a must for them to unite and play and earn real cash. Online poker is cheaper in comparison to offline casinos due to its fewer charges to pay facility. There is no fear of any mishappening, and a person can enjoy playing poker without any fear of getting cheated. There are fewer charges and overhead costs because there is no rent which you have to pay for the land.

Rules to play

As we have discussed, poker is played by 52 cards each let’s get deeper into it and discuss how it is played. There are more than 30 variants to play of the single deck of cards. One can enjoy playing different variations from one set of cards. It is played between a minimum of two players, and the rule of the game depends on the variation of the game.

First of all, the bet is placed, and then you will be allotted with an opponent, and then you can further play the game. Some of the most common games are five cards draw and seven-card stud.


To sum up, we can say that poker is a game which played for 1000 years, which obviously mean that it is a famous game. There are many variations to play this game, and some are discussed above, along with the history of poker. One can enjoy playing poker online with poker99 login and earn real cash.