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3 Types of Hand that can Crush Cash Games

Most articles on hand selection will say “don’t play this” or “don’t play like that”. These cliché and conservative idea are not helpful to beginners who want to have fun and get creative when they play. Lucky for you then that we’re writing an article that will detail three types of hand that will help you crush cash games online. Read on to find out..

Suited Aces

Any hand that contains an ace with another card of the same suit is very valuable in cash games. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a “raggy ace” because the other card is low. When you play a suited ace you always have the chance of making a nut flush hand which can make you lots of money. Secondly, if someone else somehow has a flush, you are setting them up for a cooler. All that, and it doesn’t even account for the fact that you can hit top with your ace too.

Small Pocket Pairs

There is nothing more fun than breaking nits and regulars with small pocket pairs. In games where players are sitting 100 big blinds or more deep, little pairs are amazing hands. If you hit a set, seldom will an opponent have the skill to release a hand as strong as overpair or top pair. The trick is to slowplay from the flop then start increasing the wager so that by the river you can potentially get all your opponents’ money. This is true in local cardroom and online casinos in Malaysia too so don’t be concerned about calling raises as big as 5 big blinds in the hope of getting paid.

Suited Connectors

Any two cards that have the same suit and are directly connected e.g. 6-7 or 8-9 are known as suited connectors. In tournaments, these hands are of little value as stacks are shallow and it’s difficult to get to the flop with these hands. But, in cash games where stacks are deeper and pots are contested multi-way, these hands are gold! You don’t play these hands to hit one pair type hands. They work best because of their fluidity in making potential straights and flushes. They are also deceptive as you can hit small two pairs or three of a kind hands and cause grief to opponents who only invest in paint cards and pairs. In short, suited connectors are amazing for cash games so don’t be folding them cheaply!

Image Source: Pixabay