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Women Gambling Addiction, Its Consequences and Remedies

For many years, men were affected more by the problem gambling than women. But this no longer holds true. This gap is closing and women gambling addiction is seen at a higher rate these days. The National council of problem gambling showed recently the statistics which proved that women outnumbered men in the cases of problem gambling.

There has been a steep rise in the demand of online gambling websites like The Bingo Online. You can find some real interesting online Bingo games at www.thebingoonline.com . But the problem of Women gambling addiction is still there.

Why Women Involve In Gambling Addiction?

 Many women tend to escape from realities which can be loneliness, neglect or any abuse. They find gambling as a better option and playing games such as slot machines help women to concentrate on the game zone and forget other things.

Unlike men who bet on sport games which last for few hours or days, women find comfortable to bet on gambling options like Bingo, lottery or video poker which offer quick wins or losses. This allows the next bet or game to come in quick succession.Untitled

Researchers have shown that while women go older, they tend to gambling more and women gambling addiction grows faster than men. As addiction goes faster, the debt also accumulates faster and therefore the women reach treatment centers at a faster rate,

Consequences of Hidden Women Gambling Addiction

The hidden women gambling addiction gets unnoticed since the women today gamble online in their homes or they buy tickets while purchasing grocery or play slot machines in a local casino which may be safe to visit alone.

But as the debt increases, the addiction is no longer hidden. The financial or legal trouble increases and the gambling addiction become known to all. This can be a dramatic time for the other family members and they see all savings are gone or the property is at risk.Untitled

Trust may also be lost and the addicted women may have to face anger and good relationships are lost. Legal troubles can cost more money and bad consequences.


Help is always available for women gambling addiction. There are counselors who know how the women gambling addiction can be treated.  They are also certified in the women gambling addiction area and well know the road of recovery.

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