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Before you quit poker – Read This First

Every gambler in history has had that one moment (or multiple moments for some) that they felt like quitting. Gambling is a game of chance and ending up on a losing streak is something that happens half the number of times you play. What is worse is that there is always no sure way of recovering from a losing streak once it starts happening. You could keep losing money for an entire month and when that happens, the thought of quitting starts lingering in your mind. Don’t worry, it is a normal reaction and every gambler will tell you that.

However, before you think of quitting, I advise you to read through this article and see if you still feel the same. Chances are that you will change your mind and continue playing IDN Poker Online for a much longer time.

Downswing or systematic losing?

Before we go any further into this discussion, let us start by understanding the difference between a long term systematic history of losing and a downswing. A downswing is simply a short or temporary period where you keep breaking even or losing money at poker. What this means is that under normal circumstances, you usually turn profit. Over a period of a month or a year, you actually make money as opposed to losing money.

On the other hand, systematic losing is problematic because you actually lose money in the grand scale of things. You are yet to find a way of actually beating the system and making yourself some money playing poker. If this is the problem you are having but are still determined to play poker, you may want to take a break and reevaluate your options. Take a break and use every resource at your disposal to learn ways of improving your skills at poker. There are very many resources on the internet you can use to better your skills.

It’s Ok to Quit

I am being very serious here. If you haven’t been able to turn any profit playing poker for over six month and are thinking of quitting, it may actually be a good idea to do just that. You should not let poker be your free card to bankruptcy because it can happen very easily. There are several cases of once wealthy people and even celebrities who are now bankrupt because they lost their money playing Daftar IDN Poker and other online gambling games. To avoid that, you may have to start by admitting that poker is not your style and hang your boots. The evil Greek gods of misfortune may be haunting you from beyond infinity and trying to oppose them by continue to play poker may only spell the end of you.

Find Your Purpose in Poker

The ultimate strategy that is going to get you through playing poker when you feel like quitting is trying to figure out what your purpose is in this game. You need to figure out what it is you are trying to find from playing poker. Are you after money or do you just enjoy the game of poker? Are you the kind of person that finds excitement from joining your friends at a casino and drink, talk, and spend a few tens of dollars playing poker? If making money is your ultimate goal, then you have another thing coming. You will lose money in the long term playing poker and that’s just the reality. There is no going around that fact so you better be prepared.