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Few steps to follow

Gambling tips are present from time when wagering started.  Those tips prevailed before the modern digital and traditional casinos were established.  However most of the advice remain same unaffected by time and isn’t better than few hundred decades. So it is better to focus on some most worst gambling practices. Knowing what not to do is more pertaining in survival in the wild world of gambling. If you are one of the few high roller wagers here are some tips to follow.

The slot machines are operated by RNG technology, so you cannot predict the result.  Some players assume to believe they can predict the time and amount of jackpot by a machine. Predicting the result and time of it only leads to significant loss. Even with loads of money players with this doomsday mentality will bleed dry. Many players believe as poker is a game of skill, if you can master it guarantee wins. This is half truth.  Most of the time you win, when you play against less skilled players.  To win a poker tournament is incredibly challenging as there are many astounding skilled players in the world.


There is no assurance that as you are going through a long streak of loss, you will win a jackpot.  The notion is not to quit in hard time, but your bankroll need protection even of it is a fat one. Playing cards are not aware being, and the game has no agenda. Each result of casino games are random free of influence from previous results. The possibility of continuity of long streak of loss is unlikely but can occur. Play for entertainment in fun888asia but never chase loss. Adhere to the time and money limit or your bankroll will dwindle in no time.

Good company

Most gamblers advise not to take friends or family members with you in a casino unless they are skilled players. You must maintain your individuality in gambling it must not be influenced by other players. You are responsible for the win or loss don`t allow them to take decision for you. The sole aim of gambling is fun; collective wagering with loved ones is exciting. Avoid being accompanied by people with a stigma for gambling, they can spoil your fun.

You may assume blackjack gives you ample opportunity of win; there is a grain of truth. If you master the trick of card counting your chance of winning increases significantly. Ro win you need to play multiple hands with favorable count with proper bankroll management and unnoticed by casinos.  Learn the basic skill of blackjack that gives edge over other players but no assurance of sustainable wins.

The popularity of Baccarat is rising, though a game of chance its house edge is lower than many casino games including blackjack. The house edge of banker Baccarat is 1.04%, while that of player bet is 1.23%. Bur as banker bet mostly charges a commission of 5% most players stay out of it. But the commission is already figured in the house edge, so the fee becomes insignificant.