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All You Need To Know About Different Casino Bonuses!

Thanks to increasing popularity of online gambling, we have more virtual casinos than ever. Casinos are competing fiercely at different levels, and the bonuses and promotional offers are getting better by the day. Here are the diverse kinds of casino bonuses at a glance.

  • Sign-Up bonus. Also known as the welcome bonus, this kind of offer is restricted to new players. Because you chose a particular casino over others, the casino adds more value to your deposits. You may get a no-deposit bonus or matching bonus, depending on the current offer. Almost all casinos have welcome bonus offers.

  • Matching deposit bonus. This kind of bonus is probably the best you can get from an online casino. In this case, if you deposit a sum of $100, the casino will add another $100 to your account. Of course, much like other casino bonuses, you cannot withdraw the amount from your account directly.
  • No-deposit bonus. A few casinos may offer such kind of bonus for new players who sign up on their website. You don’t get a lot of money, but enough to start the game. If you are someone who is wary of using your hard earned money, no-deposit bonuses are great for getting started.

  • Percentage bonus. This type of bonuses is usually offered on subsequent deposits. In this case, the casino will pay a percentage of your deposit as additional bonus. For example, if the percentage bonus is around 40%, you will get $40 extra for every $100 deposited. The percentage depends on the amount of deposit in certain cases.
  • Loyalty Bonus. Some casinos have a reward system. If you play more, you will get more points, and based on that, the casino will offer an additional bonus. Loyalty bonuses are great for regular players, and you can expect to get a considerable amount of money with regular gaming.

Also, you may come across something known as the referral bonus, which is offered by most of the known online casinos. If you refer someone and the other person signs up and makes a deposit in his/her account, the casino will add a bonus amount to your account. In this case, the other person must make a deposit before you can claim your referral bonus. Check online now to find the best online casinos, and since these promotional offers change every now and then, don’t forget to check the current offers.