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What killed your enthusiasm for poker

When was the last time you tried the poker game? You probably are among the many that have been made to believe a lie. Millions of poker enthusiasts are raking good money every single day just by paying more attention to the game and refusing to allow the mediocre attitude to take the spirit away. There are many myths that have been associated with the poker game and the players.

Read this article and find out these myths and how to debunk them.

Myth 1: Online poker game is rigged

You must have stumble across a forum on social media, which is anti-poker with posts alluding to the guise that online poker is a swindle, and those who play the game end up losing.  Some of these unfounded truths are backed with cooked claims and a newbie may end up believing the lie. These are far-fetched assertions that cannot hold water and to the die-hards of the game, it’s another diversionary tactic. Online poker rides on random number generators, which guarantee a fair outcome and therefore the fact that you were not lucky once, doesn’t mean that all the odds are against you. Get your playing skills honed, top up your account and keep trying.

Myth 2: You begin to make losses after you cash out

The cash-out curse of making losses is the popular online poker myth.  According to this, immediately you show some progressive results and you decide to withdraw some cash, your chances of winning anything dwindle and your cash bank begins to hemorrhage. This is ideally an excuse for bad players, players who have not honed their skills and aren’t consistent.  The fact is that when you lose, another player gains and the poker rooms do not benefit your losses. The most important thing here is once you realize that you are downhill, you need to take time, put your house in order and play tactfully- no miracles in the game. Again, you must ensure that you’re using a reliable online Malaysia poker site for your game.

Myth 3: There are more bad beats in online poker

Some people think that you’re more likely to get bad beats on online poker than live poker in brick and mortar set-up. As aforementioned, online poker operates on a Random Number Generator (RNG), thus the probability of getting a bad beat in the both live and online casino is the same. In online poker, it is easier to play more hands; again, online poker players are not afraid of making mistakes because the chances of winning are more. This is what makes the game seem like it has more bad beats- just because you’ve played more and are taking more risks. However, the fact is that the frequency of bad beats is the same.

Myth 4: There is no good money in online poker

Some lazy online players believe that you cannot earn some big money through online poker. The truth is that you have more chances of winning in online poker than in a live Casino. There is no pressure for space, you are not afraid of taking risks and therefore you can do as many hands as possible. That would mean that you’ve more chances of winning.

Online poker is one of the most interesting games you can play and win big. Yes, sometimes you’ll lose but that is part of the game, you only need to take time, get better skills and play more. Most importantly, you need to get a good online poker Casino like bodog and you will enjoy the experience as you earn.