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How to behave in a casino? The basic rules of etiquette at the tables

Before going to the casino, you should take care not to become an unpleasant player, who does not know the basic rules of behavior at the gaming tables. It is necessary to remember and keep in mind that each casino has a set of unspoken rules of conduct that make the gameplay more pleasant and comfortable.
The basic rules of behavior at the table are:

    • Common rules of etiquette and good manners. It is important to be polite and respectful to the institution and the other players.
    • For the roulette table is no place for food and drink, even in those places where the practice of the order at the table drinks. Spills and stains can ruin the next whole atmosphere of the game.
    • Do not put on the table the big things. It’s not just hinders the other players and the dealer, but also contrary to the rules of the gambling house security.

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  • The most common use of all kinds of casino ban mobile gadgets, but current conditions make the administration of the loyal attitude to mobile devices.
  • The dress code is not the one today, that many years ago, but still it is worth remembering that the clothes should fit the event. The casino decided to go in a suit and tie, ladies – in an evening dress.
  • Customers should always be at the table only on those areas that are reserved for the players. To come by the dealer is not just bad taste, but also the opportunity to get a “severe reprimand” from the security guard.

Mandatory requirements to the gameplay:

  • Coming to a casino, should clarify accepted for roulette gambling chips or tokens should be changed. Otherwise, nuisance may occur.
  • Care at roulette – the basis of good taste. Place your bets when you are invited, and not slips game chips after the close of betting. To be sure of what is going on at the table, you should follow the actions of the dealer.
  • Do not touch the chips when the dealer put a marker in the winning number.
  • Be careful, do not throw the chips on the cloth. They should be moved so as not to interfere with the other players.
  • Be careful! Some types of bets made do with the dealer. These bets are called oral. And it may not have time to take all the bets the dealer with a large flow of players. In this case it is necessary to show loyalty and patience, or change table for less loaded.
  • It is important to pre-notify the Dealer of your intentions of manipulating the tokens or chips.
  • It is better not to advertise personal preferences and favorite in the betting betting system. Some casinos are taking it very negatively.

Interactive with other players and casino personnel:

    • Today, the tip is accepted in every gambling house, so you should check with the administrator whether it should repay the dealer money.
    • Tips to the casino is not welcome, even if the players themselves are asked. After all, in case of failure, the counselor can be blamed on a bad recommendation. Moreover, it is not necessary to stick to the other players with tips.
    • Intending to take the place of a player who leaves the table, ask if he will not come back.
    • The casino is no prohibition on communicating with the dealer, but on roulette he often busy and not able to support small talk. Do not take offense at it, if you do not get answers to their questions.

Remember, politeness and dignified behavior create a comfortable atmosphere in which really is nice and play. Also it is nice and you can play online and, for example, are http://777spinslot.com/sizzling-hot-deluxe/ .